Monday, August 27, 2007

Murphy's Law

I have confirmed on several occasions that Murphy's Law applies to quilting endeavors. I was so close to finishing the meandering stitch on the center of Laurie's butterfly quilt (two more five feet long passes across it, and I was done!) when I discovered that I only had enough of the varigated thread to make it about two feet.

Another $5.00 humongous spool of thread purchased, and I made the two passes and, its off the frame!

See the varigated thread showing on the back?

Of course, the universe does seek balance.....and as I attached the blue pawprinted binding to P's quilt yesterday, I wondered vaguely if I had enough (and if there was more of that material available in the shop!). I ended up with only about six inches of binding left over!

Clicking will enlarge pix.

I learned some things on this quilt, as I do with each one! I probably won't quilt with black again. Though I really like how it frames the butterflies in this charm quilt, and though black is Laurie's favorite "color" catches the fuzz of the batting horribly....which makes me think it will show doghair and dust, crud and everything else it comes in contact with. Eh, live and learn.

I also probably won't use varigated thread for the meandering again. I thought it was going to be so cool, on the back, to see the meander patterning against the black......and I thought it would prevent any uneven tension from letting "pokies" or "eyelashes" go through and show as varigated thread bits on the black side.....but all in all, I didn't like it quite as much as I thought I would. But, that may mean Laurie will probably love it!!

But it is off the frame, and after I finish binding P's kitty paws quilt, I will decide what to do with the borders of Laurie's quilt......Can't decide if I want to do fancy butterflies or offset the many butterflies in the center with some simple straight lines in the outer borders. I'm leaning towards the latter.

Now I'm off to the rim (our local reservoir which has a paved trail around it) to walk.

If I time it right, I might see some bunnies, road runners and other birds, squirrels, kids, and a really pretty sunset. Not to mention the occasional eye candy that whips by me, jogging around the rim while I do my best to get my 52-year-old derriere to walk it at a very rapid clip!

Some days it feels like this!
(But hey, she's got a horn and she's not afraid to use it!)

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Yvette said...

LOVE the quilt!
LOVE the thread!
LOVE the black!

My advice on dog hair is to get Poodles next time. :)