Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gotcha! Again!!

My hooded oriole visited this morning and this time, I had my camera set up and waiting, peeking around a curtain, and all I had to do was slowly squeeze the button! (well, that and crop out the vast wasteland that is my unfinished backyard, and this particular section is the dump for everything waiting for the next special garbage pick up.....)

He is so brilliantly colored in the morning sun! (even through the screen!)

And, a little more backyard beauty....

Not that we have a clue what we are doing with our roses. But I do love me some yellow roses.....(pink is pretty too!)

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jackie said...

Wow - he is gorgeous! Wiffie loves taking pix like those; I am trying to set aside some time to take her with me to the Botanical Gardens at Clemson. Not that she needs me with her, since she goes anywhere she wants/needs to, but because it would be fun, and make some memories! Then we can look at lots of garden critters and flowers, and come home with loads of pix! Hope you are doing OK. Talk to you soon!