Thursday, July 12, 2007

Twice as healthy

I have recently been gauging just how challenging a day I'm having, by just how early I dig into the icecream! (there's not much in life that a bowl of ice cream can't make better!!!)

Michael just left for a nice brisk one mile walk - one of four or five he will take today. I decided to get in on the act by having some low carb ice cream. At 11 o'clock a.m.

I made it a double....1 whole cup's worth, instead of a half cup. Twice as healthy, right?

In other good news....QUILTERS' RUN HAS BEGUN!!!!! Karene has mapped out a time-efficient and SEVEN SHOP route for us for this Saturday, and a SIX SHOP route for next Saturday! Plus we visit our own shop for class Sunday. Yvette is meeting us at 9 a.m. sharp and our "run" will begin!! Our families have been notified that they are on their own for meal preparation, refereeing of squabbles, wake up assistance, kitchen duty, phone messages, and dog care (in my case!).

These are our Oh Sew Holy Days, people! We can't be bothered with normal responsibilities!

Details Saturday night or Sunday morning, with pix!

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Karene said...

What can I possibly say, but may I have a bowl....PLEASE !!!! That ice cream looks soooooooo yummy and I can't believe it's low carb too ! Okay, well off we go on our Quilter's run !!! ONE MORE WAKE UP to go....whoa hoa !!!