Thursday, April 19, 2007

A room with a view......

A view of my quilting projects and good lighting to boot!! Michael and I negotiated for the loft! I cleared out a few closets/cabinets/shelves in other places throughout the house, and he cleared out the loft.....almost completely! There is one set of shelves that remains which may yet be rehoused elsewhere, but right now, the remainder of the loft is a craft/sewing/quilting area!

I give you the "before":

And now, the "After!!"

(I don't need the TV, we just have nowhere else to put it.....although maybe I can get some quilting shows on it?)
(the pink/black item in the foreground is a hand-hooked rug made by my grandmother, waiting for me to make a supportive frame so I can hang it on a way I will put it on the ground for the use of the general population of this house.....its sooooo pretty!!)

I am so stoked about the room. More details on the construction later.

I finally got serious about picking out a quilting frame to house a short-arm quilting machine.....settled on the HandiQuilter frame with Handi-Handles, and the Janome 1600PBX to go in it!

I also ordered a Janome 9500 embroidery machine!

The two machines arrive Monday, the HandiQuilter frame follows within a week or so. I shopped around a LOT, and read a LOT, and have drooled over Janome's for a long time.....compared them with Brother and Viking Husqvarna and Singer......I kept coming back to the Janomes. After narrowing down which ones I wanted, I ebayed for them, looking for a authorized dealer with lots of positive feedback etc. Once the transaction is complete, I will definitely blog about the dealer - because at this point I am tremendously impressed with her. If that feeling continues, I will give a link for anyone else interested.

I. Can't. Wait.

And here's your cuteness allottment for the day......Sadi and Laurie sharing a moment....

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