Friday, February 16, 2007

Life at the Nuthouse

I’m blogging the following conversation between me and my friend Karene as an example of Life at Chez Nuthouse (one could insert the family surname for Nuthouse)………which I sometimes state is the “lifestyle of the nonrich and demented.”

I had been away from my computer dealing with a “situation” (explanation below) and she had sent me a message with a humorous remark and then wondered if it made me mad, because I didn’t respond…

In fact, I had not received the message until rebooting my computer, which had crashed while I was handling the “situation.” Dad, this one's for you!

redheadedlady47: sorry
redheadedlady47: guess that made you mad
redheadedlady47: jk
macleodgirl: no, I am trying to reboot and get my darn computer to cooperate is all, sorry - I missed the message until it just came back up
redheadedlady47: no problem
redheadedlady47: just teasing you...
redheadedlady47: I'm feeling better now
(Editorial Note: she had an outpatient procedure done this morning and was a bit knocked out and headachey afterwards but all is better now!! Yay!)
macleodgirl: also trying to feed the darn dogz and do the changing of the guard, etc, etc and the blasted alarm just went off just now because one of the batteries in one of the sensors is apparently dead, and Max the Wuss had a panic attack (read that: new hole in carpet upstairs from him trying to dig a hiding hole) while I looked for the right battery. Once I found it, I tried to find TX1, the sensor that the alarm display was telling me was defective. What the heck is TX1....I have Fam1, Fam2 and Fam3 (family room, left to right, windows 1, 2 and 3), Dining1 (dining room), Office1 (my office) etc, etc
macleodgirl: I just don't know what a TX1 is and NEITHER DOES THE OBTUSE ALARM COMPANY
redheadedlady47: oh brother
redheadedlady47: sorry
macleodgirl: so I had to jump over the freaking dog (literally freaking) as he was digging to China, and then leap into the closet where we have the master panel and jump up on a lock box to reach said master panel.....
macleodgirl: at which point max tried to join me there, on the shelf, at the top of the closet,
redheadedlady47: !!!!
macleodgirl: which of course knocked me off the aforementioned lock box and we went down in a heap. You will remember of course, that the last time the alarm over the kitchen sink was going off in this fashion, when I climbed up onto the sink, straddling dirty dishes, he joined me there too...on top of the counter, and in the sink, trying desparately to get out the window – only I was in the way
redheadedlady47: omg
macleodgirl: and after he covered me with about a dozen nervous licks and I managed to get up off the floor and toss him out of the closet
redheadedlady47: (sigh)
macleodgirl: then I climbed back on the lock box and reached on the shelf and turned off the ENTIRE ALARM SYSTEM. Silence was indeed golden.
redheadedlady47: poor Max
macleodgirl: and then I fought my way back out the door of the closet
macleodgirl: and managed to get back in my office, with him on the outside of the door I closed on my way in
macleodgirl: this was of course, after I fell in the half dug hole to China en route to the office
redheadedlady47: !!!
macleodgirl: and then found the number for the alarm company
macleodgirl: and called them and said PLEASE STOP THE COPS
macleodgirl: and although they were already rolling my way (music of Jaws soundtrack in background)
macleodgirl: she sent the cops home. Thank goodness. $100.00 false alarm charge diverted.
macleodgirl: and then my computer crashed....
macleodgirl: but all is well now. I’m sure Mr. B will just pop the right battery in the right sensor and I’ll feel extremely stupid… but everything is fine
macleodgirl: except I'm digging in the back of drawer 2 of my filing cabinet for that last hidden bottle of wine
macleodgirl: oops,
macleodgirl: whoopsie
macleodgirl: can't do that - I'm going to an NA meeting tonight with Laurie to see Milton take his 18 year chip…
macleodgirl: that would never do.
redheadedlady47: ok
macleodgirl: ok.
redheadedlady47: ok
macleodgirl: ok, i'm done
redheadedlady47: you made your point
macleodgirl: isn't life at Chez Bury just "it"????
macleodgirl: a lifestyle of the nonrich and demented....
redheadedlady47: yep
macleodgirl: teehee – well I must go get ready for said NA meeting…
redheadedlady47: cu
macleodgirl: bye.....

I need a vacation.

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