Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Pirates, dogs and floors....?

Yes, its Jack Sparrow, from Pirates of the Carribean......

(with breasts.....as one of Karen's friends so sweetly pointed out!)

The new Pirates of the Carribean movie is out and wildly successful. I got a email from Patti (I work with her) stating that she loved the new one, because she knew Karen loved the first one. I sent a few pictures of Karen to her, showing her Karen's Jack Sparrow costume from the heyday of the first Pirates of the Carribean movie.....In one picture we immortalized her boot covers she scored at a costume shop which covered her normal shoes and lent a certain authenticity to the outfit.

Patti wrote back to complement Karen's costume and my wood (laminate) floors.....Reminded me yet again of how much I love my floors in the downstairs (Wilsonart brand)....I can honestly say those floors have saved a few dogs lives......I would have killed them otherwise....

Remember that idiotic commercial a few years ago with a woman who sits there, serene and peaceful amid her child's birthday party which is taking place like a Mardi Gras all around her....and you hear "Mom, Peter spilled grape juice on the carpet!"

And her response, as if she were fresh from her yoga class and had not a care, or a tense muscle in the world, was "that's okay!" with a smile.

And the scenario continues, with crashing sounds and splashing sounds, and with each announcement of catastrophe, even one from an obviously older male character, announcing something along the line of "Honey, I spilled the entire bucket of used, dirty oil from the Mustang on the carpet!", her response was.....still with the vacant, zen-like glazed eyes and ear-to-ear grin......."that's okay!"

Well, I strive for such perfection in my life, you see......and when I hear crashing noises "Mom, Sadi knocked over my soda!"..... "MOM, Le Tigre knocked my spaghetti (with red sauce of course) right out of my hands!" and "MOM, MAX THREW UP!"

I serenely leap to my feet, ever helpful, and assist with the clean up, all the while chanting (as the commercial taught me) my mantra: "that's okay, that's okay, that's okay" interwined with "thank heavens for my wood floors, thank heavens for my wood floors, thank heavens for my wood floors...." and the occasional "thank heavens and Dr. What's-his-name for my hysterectomy!"

Yep, its been about five years - you would think the floors were installed yesterday as far as the appearance......except in my office where my industriousness has worn the gloss just a bit under my chair......it was the best money I've ever spent in my life. The upstairs will be gutted and replaced with the same floors, as soon as the last child adult offspring moves out......We figure saving a minimal amount each month will enable us to pay cash for that flooring purchase, since the last of our descendants probably won't be sandblasted out of their room until sometime in 2014.

End of commercial for Wilsonart Laminate floors.... :)

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