Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Not again....

Furball Sadie gave birth to another hair bunny today......Sheesh. If I could spin this stuff, it would make the softest warmest sweater......but it would smell like a dog.....oh well, at least she will be cooler!!

In an aside that will probably be "cute" to dog lovers....I was transcribing a few days ago and saw Sadie run past my office door with the Pure Bred Big Yellow Wuss Dog, and my fleeting thought as I glanced at her was "she looks like a flying aviator......goggles and all....."

Goggles? Wait just a dog-gone (pun intended) minute! That was my bra she had clamped in her mouth, cups flopping merrily as she tore past me.....(past tense also intended).....it wasn't a bra by the time I got to her. It was a mere suggestion of one, well-chewed, frayed, with holes in some fairly strategic places. Seems that someone helpfully put my clothes (which I forgot to take out of the dryer) into a laundry basket on the floor.......which is just the perfect height for her to run by and snag something!!

Not to worry! Mervyn's was having a great sale in "women's foundations" this weekend!!! ;)


Karene said...

As usual, I love the dogs..all of them, especially Ms. Tigre.....It does crack me up that Sadi gets into so much stuff, that's what puppies doe, as well as Mr. Max when the batteries run down in the alarm system...but like I said earlier you could take all that fur from Sadi and spin enough yarn to make a shawl or something...remember it's good luck to use dog hair...Love ya

Joy said...

You know, I find the idea intriguing enough that I have saved today's hair bunny.....(snicker!) If nothing else, when I get my spinning wheel someday, it will give me something to practice on! Oh, and of course, Mr. B. loved the idea......and you know, the pile from today doesn't smell "doggy" anymore.....and wool doesn't really smell like wet sheep after its cleaned and spun, so maybe the idea has merit with certain breeds of dog......its not like normal hair, its more like stuffing from a plush toy....weird stuff. Thanks for the info!!