Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Countdown

This would be the "almost" college graduate, fresh out of the shower, attempting to wake up after almost no sleep, and finish one (of three)ten (10) page theses due this week.

Note the cap and tassel for inspiration, the numerous water bottles for hydration, the stacks of reference books for information.......

And note Le Tigre, the Wonder Dog.......who wonders where the Karen she knew has gone....

sad, Le Tigre........

Today she finished the second of the three.......with 25 minutes left to jump into the car and race drive over to school and turn in her paper...... 20+ miles away. I don't even want to think about that. Then she goes to work, works til 9 p.m., comes home and writes the last five pages of the second paper and tomorrow she heads back to school in the morning to turn it in, complete two short essays in the library, and turn in a mountain of reference books......


Completely done. Finis! We will attend her graduation ceremonies Sunday morning and have a celebratory lunch right after. Yay!! And then she wants to do post-baccalaureate work, and eventually start on a Master's degree.......after some serious sleeping!

And Le Tigre gets her Karen back.

And I get my dining room table back. And I shall stake out a claim to it so I can finish machine quilting my bestest buddy's quilt which has been waiting..... since last September for a long time to be finished. And she (the bestest buddy) can stop teasing me about how long it has taken, even though I deserve the teasing.....teehee!

Then I can start on my next UFO. ;)

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