Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Congratulations Karen!

The pictures are pretty self explanatory! It was a GOOD DAY!!

This is Laurie, Karen and Patrick walking into Titan Hall for the ceremony.

The group pic before the ceremony.

That would be the beaming Karen on her way in, during the processional..

This is "Doc" - the wonderful man who is single-handedly responsible for instilling a love of history into Karen, inspiring her to make it her major!

This would be the proud father and the grad....walking back to the car......

On the way out of the parking lot, the VW van overheated......much chaos, bad language and disgust ensued......

Laurie set us straight. She stated, "you know, this totally COULD have happened on the way TO the graduation......"

Dead silence. We shut up, and limped home, a little ways at a time......running the heat to cool the engine, windows down and suitably optimistic! We parked the car in the garage, piled into the kids' cars, and headed back out to celebrate.

This would be the hot, tired, windblown, starving and HAPPY family of the graduate!

Congratulations Karen!

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