Monday, August 10, 2009

The Story of Pocket...

About two weeks ago, Mr. B called me from his station and told me that he'd found another dog. I began my usual sputtering and protesting, because for Pete's Sake, we have five. Enough. More than. He told me he had found this little guy in the middle of traffic (as usual.....he drives for a living!) and took him to a vet right at that particular intersection. The vet said they'd keep him for a few days, and if no one in the neighborhood claimed him, he'd go to the pound.

At the pound, he'd have another three days to get checked out, processed, and would be put up for adoption.

And if he wasn't adopted, then it was curtains for him. Sigh.

For the next few days, Mr. B called the vet, and then called the pound. He printed the picture of the little guy off the pound website and showed it to me.... hoping I'd change my mind.

I won't go into all the reasons that getting a Sixth Dog would be wrong, on so many levels..... This blog is supposed to be my happy place.

Anyway, "son" Patrick came over in the middle of the computer crisis and Mr. B told him the story of this little dog. Patrick listened to Mr. B's impassioned tale about the little dog, took one look at Mr. B's picture of the puppy off the pound website, took another look at my glazed eyes and shaking hands (strange reaction I had every time this dog was mentioned) and he said,

"I'll go get him!"

I could have kissed his feet. I had a fleeting joyous moment, and then reality struck and I said, "Patrick, you don't have to do that....."

He said he had been talking with TiJae about getting a dog..... TiJae's son Cage, and TiJae both really wanted one.....This one looked like the right size, etc, etc, etc...... I zipped my lip and dared to hope that it might work out!

The next day Patrick came by to pick up some significant moolah from us (we were more than happy to loan them the $$$, cos getting a dog at the pound AIN'T cheap!) and he took TiJae down to meet him....

They fell in love. I dared to hope a little more! Maybe this dog was going to get the Forever Home he deserved! Patrick and TiJae paid the fees and went home to wait "two to ten days" for this puppy to be neutered, given shots, checked over, chipped, etc.

At one point TiJae posted this picture:

With the caption, "somethin's missin'!"

They waited, and waited, and waited...... and named him "POCKET" while they waited. Then they got The Call!!

Pocket's Home!!

We were invited to Patrick 'n TiJae's for dinner last Thursday - Mr. B got to hang out with Pocket and Patrick and catch up on all the news.

And TiJae and Patrick fed us an AWESOME dinner. (Karen was helping!)

TiJae made cordon bleu and Patrick grilled it along with some mighty fine hamburgers....

and there was cauliflour and carrots and stuffed mushrooms and mushroom gravy and cookies and YUM!! It was soooooooooo good....
At one point, the kids got into a phone comparison/calling match..... Karen's kinda happy with her Palm Pre, just in case anyone is asking....

But for the most part, we tried very hard to behave ourselves so we get invited back again. They make great dinners!

Thanks Patrick and TiJae!

** the post above this one will be a slide show of Pocket Pix - "Conehead" picture was taken after he was neutered....poor guy!**


Yvette said...

Bless them!

I thought.....oh no.....not another one.....oh no.......I better make room for Joy to move in with me........oh no............

Happy ending!!!!

Mr. B needs a desk job.

Jacque said...

Whew! I agree with Yvette....Mr. B needs a job where he is not motoring around finding pups!
All's well that ends well! Looks like he has a good home, and everybody is happy! (And full of good food!)

vicki said...

LOL, I was waiting, too, for the inevitable conclusion to this. Boy, was I surprised! :)

Karene said...

You think if I bark like a dog you guys will adopt me????? Jeez, what luck you have!!!

eatpeep said...

LOVE the pocket post! :D He just got a bath and can't wait to show the Bury's how good he looks.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Pocket!!

dinner sounds delicious.