Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cake Class!

I had a long picture heavy blog post all done. And lost it.

And Blogger is really frosting me with this sudden "you can't drag and reposition pictures" thing. What's up with making me go into HTML to copy paste codes to move pictures? I'm in no mood for it.


The only thing I'm going to retype is this:

Cake Class was tonight. Lookie at our first attempt at Fondant!

The End!


Yvette said...

That is AWESOME!!!!

I may ave to commission a cake from you next April. Consider my order put in.

Karene said...

Wow, GORGEOUS!!! I smell another Bury business in the works...ha,ha,ha !!!

Jacque said...

Whoohooo! THAT IS GORGEOUS!!! You are going to put "Ace of Cakes" out of business, girl!! (Food Network show)
You really do great work - on anything you do! I am amazed, sis!
Love ya!

Carol said...

Oooh lovely. I am all thumbs when it comes to cake decorating.

I can understand your frustration with losing the pictures etc. I was in the middle of doing a posting and tried to move one of the pictures. It disappeard, goodness only knows where.

kristi said...