Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meet Bo

My goldfish died MONTHS ago....and I decided to wait awhile before getting another fish...

One of these days, I want a tank again, but not 'til I can afford the whole shebang and have time to clean it properly, etc.

In the meantime, I decided to get a Betta.

Meet Bo!

Bo hides a lot. He has gotten more social in the last few days, and now comes out eagerly when he sees the food shaker coming closer....

But mostly, he sits in the top floor of the little hiding house, and does just that, hides and watches!

This past week, Laurie stayed with us for several days. I soaked up the sounds of my girls laughing and talking, amidst all the running around we had to do.

Here's a picture of Laurie, LeBoyfriend Jason and Karen, during a "Meeting before a Meeting" Starbucks, of course!

and here's a picture of Allyse and Laurie, who had not been able to hang out together in several months (!) and took advantage of the opportunity!

It was a great week!


Karene said...

Bo, you're a good looking guy !!! Nice house too !!!

Yvette said...

Makes me smile!

Jacque said...

Moses wants to meet Bo! ;)

Anonymous said...

I smiled with them. There smiles could light up a dark room.