Sunday, June 22, 2008

Useful FOs...

It was a sad day today. Nikki died just before we woke up (Michael estimates at about 5:00 this morning) and apparently it happened peacefully. We did not hear anything. She had seemed exceptionally tired the evening before and we were not at all surprised.

I got my work done this morning and felt lazy, so I took a rest day from working out. I decided to make the other beds for the two littlest dogz, Sadie and Jerry. I made these in sizes that can be used when they are actually in the crates (when we have company), but yanked out and tossed on the floor for the rest of the time. They knew what they were and pounced on them fairly enthusiastically. I guess our wood floors are kinda hard! But I would rather make dog beds than have carpet that I can't get clean, or has recurring spots!

Sadie got a "girly" ladybug print and seems quite happy with it, both in and out of her crate.

And Tuff Boy? He got a nice dignified dark blue plaid flannel....

I'm hoping it will encourage dignified behavior. He's been practicing his Tuff Boy moves in the middle of the night, and the racket can be fairly not conducive to sleep.....which was what prompted me to make his little bed/crate pad, to begin with! Now he can wrestle with his toys and practice his Mad Defense Skilz......without waking us up!

The beds are just foam from the "J" store that I trimmed to size with an electric turkey carver(!) and covered with a sheet of old vinyl table cloth. Then I made a "quilted pillow case" to slip on....thinking they'd be very washable in case of any mishaps). While digging in the sewing stash for material to use, I found two old pieces of material that I thought had pot holders printed on them. I put one together with batting, backing, and a middle sheet of teflon-coated material, bound it, and called it a pot holder, til I saw how big it is. I guess it could be a pot holder, but maybe it will also serve as a hot pad.

I have several more of these preprinted squares, so will finish them as soon as I get more Teflon. Our pot holders are old/disgusting, so when the new ones are done, I can toss a few old relics!



Yvette said...

I am so sorry to hear about Nikki. :( I know she will be missed.

Jackie said...

Sorry that Nikki did not make it. I know Michael will miss her a lot. Love your FOs, though. :)