Sunday, June 08, 2008

More of the frugal.....

From Jackie, in SC....

It seems that a certain young lady was ever more distressed by a certain brother (who shall remain nameless) who continually made “nasty messes, Mom” in the bathroom. One of his everyday faux pas was to step out of the shower without drying off first, which led to puddles in the floor and a really (REALLY) stinky rug in front of the tub/shower. So, I had a towel that had some stains I could not remove....I folded it in thirds, effectively hiding said stains, and stitched it on all four sides, and then made “stripes” of stitching up and down the length of it. VOILA!! A mat that can be thrown each week in the wash, and (grin) it didn’t cost me anything!!!
Have a fun day,

(I love it!)

And from me, myself and I....

Nothing earthshattering on the frugal front this week, although I did take the previously frozen carcass of Big Bird #5 and cook it down, obtaining a rich broth. Then I made Mr. B. his favorite cream of turkey soup, using a $1.00 manager special of lean turkey breast fajita strips as the turkey meat in the soup.

No picture of the soup....but that deep, rumbling, satisfied belch from the Peanut Gallery? Yes, that was Mr. B. expressing his appreciation for my frugal soup, which he has thoroughly enjoyed, three times. And two packages of it were frozen for the Great Kitchen Counter Projekt (coming soon to my kitchen, we hope) in which the counters will be replaced and appliances installed. Working appliances. A stove that lights when you turn the knob, without a separate lighter. Good times!

I'm going to try to have enough food on hand in the freezer that we can get through the entire project without having to eat out. My microwave, located on the dining room table, with the food from the freezer, should make that possible....we'll see!

Pictures later, of our experiment in gardening....when I can muster the strength to go take said pictures. I am pooped.

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