Saturday, June 21, 2008

She wants pictures....

Sheesh.....I happened to mention to a certain someone that I was pretty much caught up with work and looking at two afternoons in a row to spend in my quilting room. She said, "I WANT PICTURES!"

Apparently she thought blog-worthy events would take place.

Well, I do have one FO (Finished Object) to report. The quilt for the wife of one of Michael's fellow couriers at Fed Ex is all done! It was just a simple rail fence, but it gave me some attitude while it was on the frame being quilted. However, after frogging one row of meandering and restitching it, I felt much better about it.

I think I'm really liking the machine stitched bindings more and more. I figured out how to mirror-image my blanket stitch so it was pointing the way I wanted it, and I was pleased with the even stitches of the binding.

I decided to further reacquaint myself with "Emma", my embroidery machine.

I made a label for the quilt, experimenting with various embroidered hats and wording, until I found a combination I liked, that we can use for all the chemo quilts we make in the Red Hot Sew 'n Sews.

I wasn't entirely pleased with this font, however, because it almost looks like Red HAT Sew 'n Sews.....we're the Red Hot Sew 'n Sews.....

I mean, after all, it was 104 degrees today. We're definitely hot!

Tomorrow, after some typing early in the morning, and a work out (before The Heat returns to bake SoCal for another day), I plan to cut out one of these. I love this pattern so much I got enough to make at least three......but with the left overs that Karene and Yvette passed along to me (Thank you!!) I just might be able to make four! Especially since I saw this variation! Scroll down the page to see a better view. Sew Cute!

Have a great weekend!


Karene said...

Oh my EMBROIDERED!!!!! I LOVE THE RED HAT !!! That quilt for Lisa really, really turned out great and I love the meandering you did. SEE, YOU CAN DO IT !!!! Great job !!! The Red Hot Sew 'n Sews are on their way with our new hat logo!!!

Luv ya,

p.s. I want that pattern !

Yvette said...

WOOHOOO!!! It came out great and I love the label.

Jackie said...

Now you have a logo, and ya'll are on your way! That is so neat, that you could do that on the machine! Are the lil' blessings quilts going to be Sew and Sew projects for chemo kids? Hope the heat abates for you!!Love you, Jackie