Monday, September 03, 2007

Its still hot....

Since we caught Mr. B. boogying around the house yesterday, turnabout is fair play.... just 'keeping it real' here on this blog, sweat and all.

Its. Still. Hot. But I get an A+ for effort! 3.3 miles (way less than my usual 4.4-5.0), and its almost 100 degrees again today....

Me 'n Simon 'n Garfunkel went the distance.... a little bit more slowly in the heat....but we did it!

After another tall glass of water, I'm headed for a gloriously cold shower! And then I'm going to sit under my air conditioning vent and work. After all, its Labor Day!

Stay cool!


Anonymous said...

So,am I to assume that your hair is thinning, just like mine? It's easier to hide when our hair is nice and dry and coifed, ain't it?! Super good job on the exercising and on the quilts, too!
I loved the picture on another entry, that showed the "rim" you have talked about - pretty place to run/walk! We go tomorrow to the hospital to do the screening again....looking forward to seeing the nurse's face when she sees the new glucose number! (And hoping there's a drop in the other numbers, too! Love and hugs, Jackie

Joy said...

Yep - I think we get it from Nana! But I just don't care! I am who I am! I don't have many pictures of you that are recent, but your picture from the wedding was beautiful!

I can't wait to hear about Tim's screening results!

Love you too!!