Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I'm not sure I can stand it....... grin!!

Although I am happy to report that our own weather here in SoCal has cooled slightly (yesterday was 10 degrees cooler than the 104 of the day before, and today should be 10 degrees cooler even than yesterday)......

I checked out the
6-10 Day Forecast for Cody, WY

Monday 09-10-07
High 61°F, Low 43°F (few showers, precipitation 30%)

Tuesday 09-11-07
High 70°F, Low 49°F (few showers, precipitation 30%)

Wednesday 09-12-07
High 71°F, Low 49°F (few showers, precipitation 30%)

Thursday 09-13-07
High 70°F, Low 51°F (sunny, precipitation 0%)

Friday 09-14-07
High 72°F, Low 49°F (sunny, precipitation 0%)


1 comment:

Yvette said...

Hi Joy,

I am ready to move to Wyoming. I can't take this weather a minute longer. Can I stow away in your trunk?

I am drooling over your fat quarters. I love reproduction quilts and plan on making another one very soon!

You are really lucky to have such a nice place to walk at night. I could go over to the park where I live but the thought of getting in a car when I don't have to kills me. I opt for my treadmill with my cardio coach program.