Sunday, December 18, 2011


That big sigh was my reaction when I realized today that I had finished every single Christmas present, right down to the barbeque apron for my brother in law!  (who does not read the blog, so I can show it!)

I love that one!

I finished a quilt today also that I can't show until after Christmas... heh heh!

All done!  So I cleaned up the sewing room a bit, vac'd the floor real fast, and dragged out a project to work on.  Back to my regularly scheduled projects!

Yvette had "assigned" us the next row of Farmers Wife back a couple months ago!  I tackled my file of paper piecing sheets for the row and managed to get three blocks done today! It was fun to get back in the swing of this one!  Once again, I used OleFrogEyes to pick colors and keep track of what blocks I'm doing!

After that, Karen had gotten all industrious and made a List of projects for 2012.... and her momentum carried her right through piecing the backing for the first project on her list.  So once she was done, we set up the frame again and loaded this baby quilt. 

I should be able to meander this one tomorrow afternoon and then she can bind it and mark one item off her 2012 List!  And then it will be back to Farmers Wife blocks for me!

I'm contemplating making a project list for 2012 myself.....  but I'm overwhelmed with the mere list making! Maybe I will tackle that this week.....


Yvette said...

That is the cutest embroidery design for an apron that I have seen.

Rut Roh! You are passing me up on the FW trail. I need to get my list in order so I can catch up. I definitely want that quilt finished in 2012. We have so many waiting for us to start but FW and SBS must be quilted and bound before we attempt them.

Snoodles said...

That is the cutest apron! Heehee! Perfect! Love the baby quilt on the frame....