Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Brownies and a Bag....

Mr. B pulled out "Big Red" and made brownies a few days ago. In the September 2nd L.A. Times, he found a recipe for brownies from the famous Boudin Bakery.

He whipped these up, and the house smelled fantastic. They were really good! (Before when he was licking beaters, and after baking!!)

While he was occupied in the kitchen, I've been sewing again! I'm trying these days to balance a bit of painting around the house, typing for income, and time in my Happy Place (sewing room).

Yesterday I tackled this!

The pattern was not difficult, for the most part. I had no issues at all making the outer purse and the inner lining (an exact copy). I added a thin, thin layer of batting to mine, because I really would like it to be a bit stronger than the interfacing I had on hand.

I did the corners a bit differently than the pattern called for. I got as close as I could, and then just stitched across them. The view from the pretty side is perfect, so I like my method.

My only issue was putting the two together. After the inner and outer purse bodies are stitched together along the top (the part where you open and close the purse) then I had to turn remaining parts under, and top stitch them. this included the corners of the top of the purse where it met the straps. This was easy except for those four corners where the purse met the straps.

Not fun. A very slow go.... but doable!!

(click to embiggen!)

I have a second identical one made (!), and only have that hard top stitching portion to complete. I will have made two purses for a whopping grand total of $6.00. (Two pieces of corresponding fabric bought with Joann's coupons at 40% off! Whoo hoo!) The brown button used for closure is out of my Nana's button box.... That made me smile!

I used the purse today and I love it. The cloth strap doesn't fall off my shoulder.... I may lengthen the strap a few inches if I make this again someday in a different fabric. All in all, Me Likeeee!

Edited later same night:

Here's what I mean by the somewhat more difficult portion of the pattern. The curved portion of the purse front top and back top have been sewn. These are pinned just to ready for top-stitching. The corners (4) and both sides of the strap are pinned together to be top-stitched, which is in effect, the only stitching holding the front and back of the strap together. Not impossible, but it takes slow, fairly precise stitching.

Sew Worth It!!



Yvette said...

Why doesn't Mr. B. try these recipes when I come over? ;)

I have that same pattern!!! I opened it, read, read, and re-read the directions and then chucked it in a pile. Would you consider a class to teach me? It turned out absolutely adorable!

Karene said...

YAY for some sewing time...Very cute purses!!

vicki said...

I like 'em, I like 'em!!

Jacque said...

Love the bags! You did a great job - and thanks for the pix of how you "do'd" it....I think that will help me with a bag I am thinking about starting!
Great fabric, too! Don'tcha love the coupons from Joann's!!