Thursday, August 14, 2008


I shoveled out my sewing/quilting room tonight. I managed to restore order in the room (vaguely) and I also threw out tons of papers and packaging and unwanted "stuff". Along the way, I found enough projects to fill two bins. Complete projects. With all the material needed, patterns, everything.

I basically have no excuse to shop until 2013. (Shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone!)

Along the way, I found this, the oldest UFO. And it's not even mine!

I don't recall where it came from. I think it might have been wadded up in a bin of old scraps someone gave me about three years ago.

I was intrigued when I found it, and I spent some time arranging it on the floor until all the half stars seemed to match.

I think there are some of those dreaded "Y" seams involved in the completion of this quilt (shudder). At a bare minimum, I need to take apart the extra little chunk of quilt seen here, iron the pieces, and make a template for the triangles.

It looks like there is a section of just white triangles used in areas along the edge to finish it. I think I'll be removing some half stars from the bottom row, and replacing them with the white triangle portions, to give me a bottom row that resembles that top row's design.

After that, I guess I will experiment with cutting some larger triangles and try "Y" seams at the end of the rows, all around the quilt. A narrow white border might be nice to float the whole inner portion of the quilt. Then, I think I will get a nice bright navy to use for a final wider border. And maybe a deep red for the binding?

I don't have any of the white that was used here.... I wonder how hard it will be to find something that matches. It's just a plain white - no design at all. Will take a portion to the store and cross my fingers! It certainly won't take more than 3/4 yard to finish this.

I think I'd like to try to finish this one, for Michael. He loves patriotic colors and designs, and of course, he loves quilts....

While cleaning the sewing room tonight, I also unearthed pile after pile of scraps of material. I filled another entire bin with good sized scraps. So I think there is a string quilt, or five, in my future! I've wanted to try this technique for quite a while and that bin of scraps gives me a perfect excuse!

All of our blankets are getting kind of worn and tired..... so I have a goal to replace them with quilts I make!



Yvette said...

That quilt is going to be great when you finish it. I think a trip to M & L's may help you match that white fabric. LOL!!!

Karene said...

Wow were these just in pieces and you arranged them into this star quilt ????? That's nice....I'm agree with Ms. Enabler #2....a trip to M&L's is the ticket. Besides, if my memory serves me correctly, you still have a gift cert to spend there....teehee !!! I bet you could find the perfect white there to finish this off.

Hugs !

Jackie said...

How cool! It looks wonderful - and I love your ideas to finish it. Besides, if you have a gift cert. you aren't really buying anything, so it's OK, right?! :)
Love you!