Sunday, August 17, 2008

Morning Harvest

Got these from my garden this fine Sunday morning!

I picked some of the tomatoes a day or so early, because Karene likes them "hard" so I figure she can place them in her kitchen window and squeeze them/keep an eye on their color, until they are perfect for her! I'm taking some veggies to her and still have PLENTY for us. I am making a casserole the kids and I enjoy tonight. I simply layer sliced zukes, sliced yellow squash, sliced onion (already cooked to a nice toasty brown), sliced mushrooms, and spaghetti sauce and cheese. Only since Laurie (who is vegan most of the time) might want some for dinner tonight, I will omit cheese, and put in some cubed browned tofu... Bake at about 400 for half an hour and YUM! (Karen and I can add cheese after it bakes, or I will make two smaller ones, whichever works!)

My eggplants (6) are blooming up a storm! And my green peppers have baby peppers the size of peas! Yay!

Tuffboy and his sister Sadie got a bath yesterday. Sadi was too rambunctious for me to take a picture, but after we "raked" her coat - we had the usual couple pounds of discarded undercoat! She looks much skinnier now!

Tuffboy was insulted by the entire bathing process....

But he forgave us pretty quickly :)

Message to Le Tigre: You're next! Be very afraid!! ;)

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MY LIFE, MY PETS said...

Came across your blog while seaching for "SoBenbinder". Had bought a carton while I was in Germany but hadn't used it as text is in German which I don't know. I thought it was powdered brown sauce! Anyway, got the info from your blog...thanks!

Lovely quilts!

Kasturi Ray
Kolkata, India