Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spring has sprung, Part 1

Today we sent the old TodiYodi that we are trying to fix up off to the shop......seems they "did us a favor" and steam cleaned the engine when we had some work done last week. Big mistake. It's shuttering and shaking like like crazy and deja vu! we've had that same problem before.

When I get it back - I'm supergluing a sign somewhere under the hood......


After the Knights in Shining Armor from AAA hauled it away, Karen and I grabbed the Port-a-Puppy (Sadie) and went to meet Laurie for lunch. Sadie spends the night with Laurie and Billy every few weeks, and it's hard to say who looks forward to it more! Here's a picture of Sadie anxiously watching the door at Laurie's office down in Irvine....

"Watching the door for my Laurie! Where is she?"

A grand reunion took place!

From there, we went to the
Veggie Grill, in Irvine. What a great place to eat! You can check out their menu at the link in the name. Everything on the menu is not only vegetarian, but vegan also! I tasted the most fantastic sweet potatoe fries, and Laurie really had trouble choosing between the available selections. I had a great spinach salad and Karen had a portabello mushroom burger that looked amazing. Delicious! Billy joined us and also Karen's friends, Tijae, Carol and Sam showed up.

After a great lunch, I passed Sadie off to Laurie and Billy, and I passed Karen off to TiJae, Carol and Sam (who happens to be a lovely young lady!) and I headed for JoAnn Fabrics. Armed with a 40% coupon, I got something very similar to
but mine has only the six big drawers, and will hold 12 inch squares neatly....the drawers can be taken to quilt class and toted back home, keeping things organized. I'm really loving it!

I also found some materal that Laurie might like - she has a good friend who is expecting, and she has been joking about me making a traditional looking quilted baby blanket and backing it with, of all things, skulls and crossbones. This just might be the ticket!

Wouldn't be my first choice, but it's not for me!

After all that fun, I came back home to work! On the way, I just SAVORED the day. The temperatures were perfect. And the flowers?

As you can see in the post above..... SPECTACULAR!!! This is what I love about SoCal! Flowers everywhere!

Happy weekend everyone!

P.S. Here's two pix of Laurie when she got her Butterfly Quilt! I think she likes it!

Ignore the piles of tools/equipment on the dining room table. (we do!) We're a work in progress here, folks!



Yvette said...

Why does even looking at pictures of someone shopping for fabric make me so happy? LOL

Anonymous said...

Flowers, fabric, and sunshine...what more could we ask for? Boy, do I wish you lived closer to me!! I'd take that Todiyodi off your hands like lightning - save some gas on Wiffie's commute. Her ancient Cadi gets 20.5, but it takes $premium$ gasoline.....
Love you,