Monday, March 03, 2008


I've had mixed reactions to the post about the First Aid/CPR class for pets.

First of all, Karene laughed so hard when she saw this post, that I feared she would choke.

Yvette thought it was a great idea......Thank you, Yvette!

Deb said something along the line of "Eeeeeeeeeeeeew!" and giggled. A lot, I think!

Then I directed another of my friends (Vicki, who also transcribes for me) to the post, for a giggle. Her comments and our conversation on IM are listed below.

joybmts: oh, and if you want a good laugh - see my blog. i took a class last night. i think karene might have almost wet her pants laughing.

vicki: okie, will do.

joybmts: (the things we do to be supportive of our significant others......) byebye.

(a few moments go by)

vicki: well, I have to say the pic of you kissing the dog is REALLY cute!

vicki: (grin)

joybmts: snort!

vicki: You might want to use that one for next year's Xmas cards.

vicki: (wink)

joybmts: you're pushing your luck

vicki: lol

joybmts: (LOL so loud i woke up Max the WunderWuss)

vicki: the idea is NEAT, though. I'm thinking of getting a pup

joybmts: it's really a great class, offered through regular Red Cross offices....

joybmts: i think you should get one!! they're fun (when you don't have a whole herd like we do, snicker)

vicki: I just want one.

vicki: Every time I go to Bill's house and Noodles is all over me, I say I'm going to get a dog.

vicki: lol

joybmts: and i can personally recommend the world's best vacuum for dog hair - beat the dysun hands down.....

joybmts: can't recall what it is at the moment (i don't use it often!)

vicki: (eyebrow up)

vicki: that was a LOT of help

vicki: stick to kissing em, Joy. (grin)

joybmts: you are so bad.

joybmts: i was trying to talk intelligently to a physician on phone and read that comment at the same time

vicki: oops......sorry

vicki: do you mind if I print it out?

vicki: I'll only show it to 2 or 3 people........honest.

vicki: this is my boss............

vicki: lmao

joybmts: teehee..... Eureka Max...or boss max, etc. i can tell you later, if you get the puppy

joybmts: and yes, direct the whole world to the blog or print it, etc...particularly if I can copy part of this conversation and put it on the blog as a comment

joybmts: snicker

joybmts: we live for comments around here....

vicki: lol

joybmts: anyway, will send some work, and yes, print away!

vicki: bye

I'm such a refined and dignified medical transcription service owner.


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Anonymous said...

I see another phrase now for your "about me" paragraph........
Looks like you have packed a lot into a few days!! The person who said they felt like a mouse in the corner was quite appropo - I enjoy reading your blog, and watching from the corner! Keep up the good work with the camera and the sewing machine! Love you, Jackie