Monday, March 12, 2007

Sadi loves icecream!

There are times when the dogs around here provide some comic relief to the otherwise mundane workday....

I was moving something in the freezer and the ice cream container seemed really light. Sure enough, there was only a spoonful in it. Seems like that happens a lot around here. I think people are trying to avoid being yelled at for finishing something off. We can't say "Who the heck finished the ice cream!?" Instead its "Who almost finished the ice cream??!!"

Anyway, it was sugar-free, so I felt justified in grabbing a spoon and going after that last bite. I scooped about half the little lump that was left into a spoon and started savoring it, and Sadi eyed me, as if to say, "You share peanuts with me, but not ice cream??"

So I magnanimously put the container on the ground in front of her so she could lick it. Hey, dogs get hot too, and its a scorcher here today!

Cute, huh?


I must go close the windows now so the neighbors don't hear me cackling like a mad woman every time I look at this last picture:

"Hey, whatchu lookin' at??!!"

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