Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Two and a half years later!

My last post was in October, 2013!  In December of that year, a beautiful grandson was born, and through an unfortunate and sad situation, he was placed in our care to foster-to-adopt.  The adoption process was laborious at best, but we had the most amazing adoption social workers helping us along.  Mason needed a lot of medical, physical, occupational and lately speech therapy.  Our long dreamed of retirement to TN was delayed, delayed, and delayed again.

Little Mason is 29 months old now.  His adoption was final over a year ago.  His physical and occupational therapy are on hold now, and he is seen for check ups only.  He is exploding with words daily and speech therapy may be ended soon.  The blessings abound!

We are now Tennessee bound.  I will hopefully be posting more often, with pictures and stories from our adventures.  I want to get it written down (typed out on the blog!) so that friends, family, and someday, Mason himself, will have a record of all of the fun and silliness and love and happiness we have shared.  There will be scrapbooks too, but this is for just jotting down memories before they escape my cranium!  

We have contracted for a home in TN.  We are listing our home next week, here in CA.  I am oh-so-ready for this next and final adventure:  retirement.  I may be a Recycled Mom, and I may go by the name Nana, but this is our retirement adventure and I can't wait.

Nana (Joy)

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Jacque said...

Amen! I'm happy dancing for you, sweet sister of mine! This is truly your adventure, and all of you will enjoy it so much! There will be tedious things, of course, with listing and selling, etc., but there is great fun ahead! God has blessed all of us, and now you are Tennessee bound! Hugs to all of you!