Wednesday, July 04, 2012

More progress! :)

I finished my red/white/blue (with quite a bit of gold) sampler quilt top.  This quilt is a Christmas present for someone very special to me! Shhhhh! Can't say more!

It is in a box and ready to be FedEx'd to Cotie (, a long arm quilter extraordinaire that I have had the privilege of sending quilts to several times in the past.  She's such a sweetie!  I can get lost on that link, which gives several more links to her web shots pages - so much eye candy and beautiful quilting on those pages!)

I had two extra blocks.  One was a boo-boo block that I remade because I didn't think there was enough contrast in the block.  Another was a block I inadvertently made twice!  That's what happens when you have too many UFOs and you are not meticulous about leaving yourself notes as to what is done, and what is not!!

I decided to make those two extra blocks into quilted pads to put on our side tables in the den.  I wanted something that is extremely washable and not at all delicate - since things like peanut butter and sloshed drinks end up on those tables. 

I plan to have those tables refinished (or maybe take the plunge and refinish them myself - I'm leaning towards that option!) and when I do, I will make new quilted pads that cover the whole blessed top  of the tables, to protect them! Might even put glass tops on there, to boot.  We are a bit tough on furniture in this house.  These tables are important to me, for sentimental reasons, so once they are refinished they better stay looking nice!

This week, I'm living at the home of a dog sit client...  They have two very young, very rambunctious, energetic, lively, active (etc, etc!!) Australian Shepherds.  This place resembles a segment of the old show Wild Kingdom much of the time.

They are really sweet, good dogs.  Moving too fast for the camera, above....

And caught in a slower moment here.  During the days, I'm working on my typing and proofing, etc, on one side of the kitchen table at their home.  In the evenings, or when I get caught up, and the dogs are zonked out and in "recharge" mode....I zip around to the other side of the table and sew!  Yep, I brought a machine and a project(s) down here!

I'm making a string quilt top this week.  This time, I'm trying a center strip of smaller blocks, in each square.

I like it, and I have 12 blocks done so far.  I should whip out quite a few blocks today, since it's the Fourth of July and hopefully all my dictators are out of their offices enjoying the day with families, and not dictating any reports to be transcribed!

I like the way it looks, but, I think the center strip of blocks would be more effective if it were more structured.  I'm thinking a black/white checkered effect, or some sort of more obvious center strip that is more controlled, would be more evident when viewing the whole quilt.  But even so, I love how this top is shaping up; it will be going up to Dad's for the next auction for the women & children's crisis center, or for any of the safe house beds that might need a colorful quilt.

Wishing everyone a SAFE and Happy Fourth of July!


Jenny Kupperstein said...

Your work is beautiful!!!! I'm glad you are getting time to do what you enjoy most!!!

Snoodles said...

In the midst of all the commotion and wagging tails, you are creating a gorgeous string quilt -- I love it! And your RWB (and gold) quilt top is lovely! Can't wait to see what she does with it (yes, I clicked to see her work....oh, boy was that the wrong thing to do. Now I'm wanting to get some of mine done! LOL)

Yvette said...

You sure have been productive! Your quilt turned out fantastic!!!! Look at you go with those strings too. You are making me want to hit my sewing room.

Belinda said...

That quilt top is absolutely beautiful!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I really appreciate it!

NancyNoBlogBlogs said...

What beautiful quilts Joy. Can you come over with your power tools and help Jeff build my china cabinet?

Renee said...

I like these blocks, beautiful result with all fabrics out of stock.
Greetings from Holland,