Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Remember how cute they are.....

They really are cute.... even if they don't know what the heck rain is, since it hasn't rained here in MONTHS.

In at least one case, it has not rained in longer than the dog has LIVED HERE.

I usually let them play, closely supervised, in the back yard for an hour or so in the morning and again in the afternoon. They run around nonstop chasing each other or the bugs or the blowing leaves.... and they come in tired and happy and sleep blissfully for several hours afterwards!
Since the backyard today has been replaced by Lake Bury, I put up dividers to keep them in the kitchen and den, and occasionally checked to make sure they were playing with dog toys. I had the presence of mind to pick up the rolls of Christmas paper before turning them loose to play.

But I forgot about Michael's newspaper stash. He has a newspaper stash like I have a fabric stash. Our stashes make NO sense to each other, but they bring us personal satisfaction!
(the first pic even includes a delightful "package" [our nickname for a pile of poop] deposited carefully on the laminate floor, since no one wanted to poop outside in the rain!)

He's really going to need some help remembering how cute they are!


Yvette said...

Sorry, I am laughing hysterically.

Karene said...

TeeHee, ho,ho,ho, ha,ha,, that's funny !!!

Love Auntie

Jacque said...

Giggle! They had a REALLY good time, didn't they?!!