Monday, January 22, 2007

A perfect afternoon....

Every now and then, I have a perfect afternoon! Our teacher was at the Road to California quilt show, so we missed her, of course, but Karene snagged the room for private use! She, Ellen and I showed up to sew the afternoon away. I started sewing about 12:30 p.m., and went at it until about 4:30 p.m.......It was so nice to be with Karene and Ellen!

I worked on Laurie's butterfly quilt, which is really simple in style, just 4 inch squares, but she really just wanted butterflies, lots of butterflies, not anything that was a technical masterpiece of difficult patterns....

The top is almost complete, so I will be able to layer backing, batting and top and machine quilt it....then its just going to need a quick binding and it will be on her new little daybed!


Driving home I took a look at the sun in the sky and stopped at the reservoir near my house which has a paved trail around it.....I only had a t-shirt on with my jeans, but was wearing the right shoes! The wind was whistling up that canyon and made walking a challenge....but I got out and pounded around that reservoir in record time before the sun went down.....I was chilly, but I was convinced if I had driven one mile further and walked into the house to get a sweatshirt, I'd never have gone back....and I needed that two mile walk!

More progress:

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